Benefits of Watsu®

Health benefits may include:

  1. Decreased heart rate
  2. Decreased rate of respiration
  3. Increased depth of respiration
  4. Increased peripheral vasodilatation
  5. Increased smooth muscle activity (digestion)
  6. Decreased activation of striated muscles (skeletal)
  7. Decreased spasticity
  8. Decreased muscle spasm
  9. Decreased Reticular Activating System activity
  10. Enhanced immune system response

Watsu decreases muscle tension and increases range of motion. The movements through the water provide gentle stretching into all ranges for the spine and extremities. Soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques can also be incorporated into a Watsu session.

Clients report decreased pain as Watsu decreases their muscle spasm and muscle guarding, increases their range of motion, and promotes profound relaxation. Many clients also report a decrease in their emotional pain.

Watsu Session

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