Watsu® Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Watsu sessions the same?

No, each session is unique for each client.  The practitioner utilizes a wide variety of moves and stretches. The sessions are uniquely tailored to the individuals needs.

What does Watsu actually feel like?

Again, each session is unique to the individual, but people have described it as water ballet, as a dream-like state, as floating, as flying, as being in an altered state of consciousness. For each person who has experienced Watsu, each session is likely to vary immensely. This is largely because Watsu is a holistic therapy, integrating mind, body and spirit as a release of blocked emotions.

Is Watsu a type of therapy that can be utilized for pregnant women and children?

Absolutely! In fact, the effects of Watsu are known to reduce low back tension and sooth away pain and stiffness. As a pregnant woman is gently moved through the warm water, it aligns her body both inward and outward. The effects of water on children are both soothing and healing as a child is brought to a more natural state of being. It is especially beneficial for use in children with hyperactivity ADD or other neurological imbalances in restoring their balance.

What temperature is the water?

95-97 degrees Fahrenheit, like warm bath water.


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