Watsu® FAQ's

What do I wear?

Both the practitioner and the recipient wear a swimsuit.

What do I bring?

Bring a swimsuit and a towel. If you are sensitive to water in your ears or don’t like the distraction, you can bring ear plugs. We also have some available.

Is there a shower available?

Yes, there is a full bathroom for changing and showering.

Is the pool handicap accessible?

Yes. The access to the yurt and pool is via a gentle ramp. There is also a small ramp at the doorway of the yurt as well as the entrance to the bathroom.  Both transitions are easily accomplished in a wheelchair. The bathroom also contains accessible features including handrails, a hand-held shower head and bench. There is a ladder for entry to the pool or clients may use a hydraulic pool lift for pool entry and exit.


Watsu Session

What is a custom couples session?

A custom couples session can range from 90 minutes to 150 minutes or more. During this time, each person receives an individual Watsu session, one after the other. The couples session may also include instructions and practice for holding and floating each other in the water.

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